Wednesday, September 21, 2005

you win some, you lose some

so it appears my last real blog was sometime in the middle of july.. so i figure i'll update everyone from them up til now, if that is at all possible. sorry for the lack of postings, but like i've said many times, if i miss a week, it's all over.
note: most of this is patched up from emails i've sent out.

Middle of July
caught up with reen and the gang (total reunion), started a trend of some funky cookies, reen didn't take so well to them and puked. twice.

had a nice long weekend on the 20th up at arrowhead lake with my sis, her hubby and his bro + gf. had an awesome time. the weather was kinda shitty but we enjoyed ourselfes nonetheless. especially when the rowdy and extremely loud teens got SURVED by the camp police. managed to lose another swiss army knife again, which is no good.

on the 25th went to wonderland with a bunch of ppl from work and matt. it was only $5 for entry and lunch, and i had such a good time i really wanna go again (see later).
most of u know this already but the one shitty thing that also happened the night before was that i got mugged by 2 black dudes on their bikes and they took my ipod, but that was all they wanted. wonderland was really good for my mood. feel free to give me money for my new ipod fund (maybe a nano!!!)

in a sad but comforting bit of news, i lost julia to home office, but now she's making more money and is pretty much inspiration for me to leave asap.

ended up winning the harry potter costume contest and won an indigo $50 gc! (going straight to my nano fund)

lost karen for a month to the u s of a, and also lost the ability to see my parents in the same room

lost lorette to her taking some well deserved time off to fend off some sickies.

switched to gmail for good and am loving it! i don't like yahoo anymore, i had that email for maybe like 8 years and it's crazy for junk mail. but i love gmail!

went to a fun beachbunnies party at dg's place. loads of wet fun.

Sometime in August
matt had his housewarming and it was loads of fun. snuck into the big pool across the street at 5am for a soothing dip. a godsend in the middle of the summer. almost saw eddy naked. thank GOODness i had my glasses off. ;-)

had a big gay night with the boiz and enjoyed some good drinks and other goodies. trust me it was memorable.

had a great idea about making a blogzine type thing which went nowhere but is still floating around in ideaspace. maybe something will come out of it sometime.

totally dying without my ipod.

kept seeing this guys' art around, apparently he teaches illustration at ocad and graduated from there in 1991. he's purdy amazing, check him out:

ran into maria at value village with matt and bought some stuff. matt left his shuffle but they found it and we saw it just in time. helped maria ride all her junk home and hung out a bit with her and frank. they is kewl ppls and we will hang out more. oh yes.

saw chris murphy at walmart, then a few weeks later at a free joel plaskett concert at harbourfront.

fully switched to firefox, no longer using ie. some things are still iffy, but after really reading about the browser wars, i know who i should be supporting.

watched sin city with some funky cookies and it was A-mazing. the most intense experience i've had in a long time. well since doing it with kill bill anyhow.. which is just about the best movie ever.

matt wasim and i thought it would be hilarious if there was a car called "the anus" and what you would say about it. things like "i rode my anus to work today" or "i'll pick you up in my anus" or "my anus has a lot of trunk space" or "someone rear-ended my anus today" or "my anus left black streaks on the road" etc. let's just say we had yet another funky night edit:and juraj had no idea what the hell we were talking about but he laughed nonetheless.

oh also that night of the joel plaskett thing, we went to wasim's after and i rode my bike home from his place, and it took me so long and i was so achey and tired! but it was fun. maybe i'll do that again. or not.

tim started a film festival job that pretty much ends this week, but it was a good run and we had a van for a while which was good. i'm renaming him timinivan for the time being.

had a really weird and creepy dream that woke me 2am cause i was kinda scared. something about me and a group (including a couple of moms) hanging out somewhere and a ghost appearing and scaring the shite out of everyone, but then we went somewhere else and a poltergeist thing totally attacked one of the moms and we were all screaming trying to get away.. and then i woke up and when i went back to sleep i was back in the dream but this time i was on some 2nd floor house balcony and i saw a small trex coming towards us and thought "this isn't real" but the closer it got, the more real it became until i was backing up slowly into the house and it totally climbed into the balcony and i hadta shut the door behind it while we all ran away. FREAKY.

went to the busker fest with rhodadendron on the last weekend of august and we got gelato and also juggled some red balls in the street. it was cute!

fucked up wordpress for a while and had it fixed by pat by this point. yay pat! yay i haven't touched it once.

It was a rainy September.
went to a funeral service for marco, lorette's ex-husband. the guy will be missed, that's for sure. it was an interesting night.

got tickets for the go! team and metric at some point. excited!

got an amazing deal with my phone. call me anytime between 3pm and 7am and it's pretty much unlimited. :-)

redyed my hair black. bye bye white hair. (for a while)

looked around for an lcd monitor and pretty much found some good deals. it was still more than i wanted to spend so i looked around on toronto.craigslist: really good local buy & sell, one in pretty much every city. in the end i found an amazing 17" monitor for $30! worlds better than my old monitor... which if anyone wants, lemme know, it's still sitting here. it's a 15" piece of shit.

went to the film festival opening night gala last night with timivan. we were there til 2. i got purdy drunk; i think i was even started talking to some guy standing next to me, i thought it was tim and i was like "duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'll take the glass of cherries" and he was like "excuse me?" OOOPS. he was a black bald guy, i guess the corner of my eye caught the flash of bald head. thankfully switched my 7am shift the next morning as i was a bit HO. thanks claire!

had a sneaky dee's/cloak and dagger/and no-t.o. @thymeless night. it was really fun. i had some stella at sneaky's (i think i'm warming up to beer) and then a stoner conversation with kanishka and ben. no-t.o. was so great, matt, dg+ femaledg, + we saw julia and mel there and fucking danced our asses off until i think 3am. they played this song. download it.

OH beginning of the month i saw bill who visited from france. it was great to see him again, and there was an odd moment where he pulled out a joing and we got real high and i was trying to act all normal for rob's sake but rob denies i was high at all, which kinda pisses me off, in a haha kinda way. HAHA. i can't believe that crazy french pot.

saw everything is illuminated with reen at the film festival, it was good but the book was better. DUH.

tim's laptop has a key stuck on it or something so whenever the ibeam goes into a field it just does this ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// it's super fun. so he's been taking my keyboard at nights. i wake up in the morning for work and the keyboard is not there, and in a moment of panic i flash back to highschool when my mom used to hide the keyboard from me because i would use the computer too much. oh my god. those were the days.

went to goodwill with dg and i found a really nice pair of jeans for $7. OH YES. also trivial pursuit for $2. speaking of which, another day last week, i went to jumbo with dg and mg (that's matt) and rhoda and after we thrift shopped a bit and then ended up at bishop and belcher and we played trivial pursuit cause they had it in the booth. anyhow we kinda got loud and crazy and pretty much the answer to every question was "MY PENIS" or "PENIS" or "I LOVE PENIS" and then finally one of my questions was "What does a man have when he is diagnosed with diphallic derata?" and the answer was totally "TWO PENISES" hahahaha. i kill me.

ok so we FINALLY had a film clubbing night (not to be confused with seal clubbing, equally fun) and rachel presented us with "If...". An early brittish film about anarchy, rebellion, and all sorts of other whiney shit. we all agreed that whether we liked it or not, it was kinda good for at least a discussion into why people feel rebelious and unjustified, and if anything it helped me to spit&shine my bullshit skills.

another fun thing, everyone needs to see these now, if u haven't. they are spoofs/redo's of the old gijoe bits that followed the episodes, about safety and knowing is half the battle and all that shit. they are hilarious! note ice, reggae, pork sandwiches and the buzz lightyear one. hahahaha oh shit.

and now we're at TONITE!
this is the last night tim has the van, so i thought i'd take my 2 boxes of books to try to sell them off. the first place offered me pretty much $1 a book and i was like PFFT i could get more elsewhere, so he pretty much said "i'm not offended if u take them elsewhere but prolly dont bother coming back cause i only want this pile and even if you sell one the deal is off" so i went to like 5 more places and pretty much everyone offered me less than that and i sold like maybe 15 books for a total of $13 and i shoulda taken the first guy's offer but oh well, live and learn.

I THINK I'M DONE! yes i am.

ps. happy birthday nintendo 8bit! you're my best friend.



Julia said...

You're the cutest, Nestor. And I'm not making much more money. I also have to pay MORE taxes now. It's a little more, but not as much as you'r think. I make less than a CEC. ack!

pol said...

no complaining bout how much you make lady! it's still more than us. ack! yourself.

kurmidt said...

sok, ur still an inspiration dooley. :-)

JT said...

omg i haven't gone through the blog in a while. i will come back and re-read. omghello2reen&gang!

i wanna go mario party-ing. :(