Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


so i'm totally loving chrome, esp after i found a grey skin. but
murphy's law kicked in. here's what i posted on google chrome help:


i seem to have a different problem than everyone else.

i had chrome running perfectly since it came out, and recently installed a skin, which was also working perfectly. yesterday i noticed that the skin reverted back to the original oneand then i saw that a new version of chrome had downloaded so i redid the skin on this new version and that's when it stopped working. i should also mention that around the same time i ran googleupdater to install realplayer and norton security scan, both which come bundled
with the google pack, and both of which i have since uninstalled.

i tried to revert the skin from a saved dll, and even tried to go back to the previous downloaded version with no luck. i tried to reinstall anew and had the same problems everyone else had, chromesetup.exe would run, download chrome, start installing and then just disappear.

i would run chrome.exe and nothing would happen at all, not even the flash of it that some others got. i also ended up deleting the google chrome folder thinking this might help, so i no longer have any files associated with chrome which i can check the properties of, and the chromesetup creates no new files, no new shortcuts in the start menu.

i don't have citivan.exe running and i killed ctfmon.exe and still does not work. i even tried nathan's suggestions but both those boxes were unchecked.

i'm runing xp pro, sp3.

any other suggestions would be appreciated!

one last thing, for those who still cant install it and really miss it, i am using chromium to write this, and it works exactly the same. (even the skins work)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


desktop tweaked

me explaining to an unresponsive friend the cheesy windows tweaking i did for the day, im thinking maybe i'll keep a bit of a log, since i might need to know what i did when i reformat


9:25 PM
so since ive decided i'm reformatting soon, i'm gonna try the new winamp again
9:25 PM
it had trouble with my gtalk for some reason but now i'm using digsby so it dont matta
9:25 PM
also i got digsby to take up slightly less ram by taking off the gmail facebook and twitter updates
9:26 PM
i have a gmail indicator on the dock
9:26 PM
it's swanky
9:26 PM
my life is complete

Thursday, October 09, 2008



i do love playing this shit online.. been playing it nonstop since i
got it, but there are some annoying bitches on there, doing the
incredibly cheap grumble volcano cheat, and choosing the same stage
repeatedly and ruining my fun. wish i could block ppl sometimes, i
hope that sometime in the future, the wfc part gets an upgrade.

also trannyAhoy, if ur out there, we <3 you, you are officially our favourite nemesis.

-kurmy (aka krumy)