Saturday, September 24, 2005


i so dumb.

so jan was here from the yukon (aka yellowknife) for a few days and we totally went to wonderland again. her, robin, wasim & i. had pretty much as much fun as i did the last time, thanks to wasim actually going on the wet rides with me. jan and robin were pussies, but they did enuff and it was good to see them. :)

a few days later, jan took me to ikea and it was empty so we wizzed thru it but i still needed more time to look at kitchen stuff, but she hadta leave, so i called tim and he reluctantly came to meet me, so we looked around, wizzed thru the kitchen stuff :( but found a nice new lil coffee table. so come over to see it. also we ate there and that's always good.. mmm manager's special. ;)



zorburt said...

did you know there was a nestor in the adam's family!?

are you that character?!


kurmidt said...

no, what does he do?

zorburt said...

i dunno

zorburt said...

nestory, email me your email address and phone number
realized i only have your other one.

yeahoo still effed.

kurmidt said...

wtf. one more and i'm putting on the verifier.

JT said...

dude.. it's time for an update!

Miss Julia said...

Yes, Manager special is the way to go. Who eats anything else @ Ikea?!?

kurmidt said...

i wanna go early and try the super cheap breakfast. yum... brekky!