Thursday, October 09, 2008


i do love playing this shit online.. been playing it nonstop since i
got it, but there are some annoying bitches on there, doing the
incredibly cheap grumble volcano cheat, and choosing the same stage
repeatedly and ruining my fun. wish i could block ppl sometimes, i
hope that sometime in the future, the wfc part gets an upgrade.

also trannyAhoy, if ur out there, we <3 you, you are officially our favourite nemesis.

-kurmy (aka krumy)


TrannyAHOY said...

How sweet of you to give me a shout out. I remember racing you. You were tough! Nemesis indeed. Hehe. Happy racing!

kurmidt said...

u are mentioned in other forums as having one of the best names, haha. send me ur kart code so we can add u. ;-)

TrannyAHOY said...

all righty, here u go:

kurmidt said...

mine 1418-7276-4371
(we might play now)

TrannyAHOY said...

Hello. I'm curious. What's your "distance travelled" ?

mine is:

kurmidt said...

i didnt even know there was such a thing, i'll get back to u on that.

here's my wii number, we can msg there 5318-9196-2454-3216

kurmidt said...
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kurmidt said...
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kurmidt said...

distance travelled: 55473

ur still the queen tranny. ;)

TrannyAHOY said...

Oh man.. I don't know if that makes me awesome or pathetic. I have no life except MKW. :)

I think that distance travelled should directly affect how many points you gain or lose, and should be "un-reset-able".
I hate that someone can erase a license, and come back with 5000 points, but still have all the skill of an 8000+ player... and if you lose to them you lose big. Such a lame way of scoring. I also think that guests shouldn't affect scores either, seeing as they have no score of their own. Especially when they are really GOOD like Jugs.. ;) but.. Nintendo didn't foresee that inevitability I guess. Either that or its all just very Japanese and I don't get it.

my console# 6264-5833-7624-8432