Thursday, March 16, 2006


i clicked on this pic to look at it and just hadta laugh at the yahoo ad on the left. i guess that's what i get for tagging that foto group
"douche". hahahaha

looks like it changes, well this is what it said:
Enema Douche Kits and Information $19.95
Home enema douche kit. Order in the privacy of your home. Enemas clean...


juraj said...

i'm so proud of me because i got this joke!i hadta look up some words like enema and kit but i'm proud though.
and i think that "enema douche kit" company is so happy that finally has found some place where can put it's ad.order one!

kurmidt said...

i'm proud of you too dude. :-)
i know how much fun u had with the word douche. hahaha.

JT said...


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