Saturday, July 09, 2005

i hafta get myself back in the mode where i remember to post about things that happen to me.

not that this is something that happened solely to me cause there were like a million people there last night at the summer fest thing at dundas square where broken social scene performed for free after that weird fucked up circus giraffes and clowns and bitch diva opera that preceded it. man was that fucked. broken social were jawsome!

there was some site plastered everywhere, something about, i don't remember what the blabla was, i'll just hafta keep my eye out for it. if u remember please tell me!

i hope you evilturtlenecks/film peeps found your way here, cause i need audience support.

also, everyone owes me money.


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JT said...

i wished i had a camera. i would've loved to take a video looking up at the giraffe right above us and film it bobble its head up and down

those giraffes were v. fucked up. made dundas square a nightmare

i'm glad i bumped into you and ur 'brother'