Thursday, January 05, 2006


The graduate school tells me to go pick up my travel award check.

"I'd like to pick up my Vilas check," I say.
"Sure," the admin assistant says.
Someone emerges from an office. She looks me over. "Are you an international student?"
"We haven't processed them. International students are processed separately."
"Oh," I say. She goes back into her office.
The admin assistant looks at me sweetly. "I didn't know you were an international student. Your English is so good."
"I come from Canada. We also speak English there."
She looks at me blankly.


kurmidt said...

that is the best thing i have ever heard. did she talk to u as if u were 12?

JT said...

Wow. That's was rude!

Ray said...

I am 12.

kurmidt said...

so i guess she did 1 thing right.